Historic Sites preservation


Shri Varundev Mandir is situated on Manora Island in the close vicinity of Karachi, Pakistan. The Mandir/Temple is dedicated to the premier deity associated with the water bodies; but it has been in perpetual neglect due to dis-usage since few decades.


The Khaliq-Dina hall was under focus since long, due to recurring issues with the structure and allied spaces. In this connection the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation initiated discussions; resultantly a Seminar was held in Khaliq-Dina Hal


Conservation of a 17th Century Graveyard near the Sindh-Balochistan border was decastated by Free Booters and treasure-hunters.The conservation grant from Sumitomo Foundation was awarded to the proposal of the SEAS.

frere hall preservation

The historic Frere Hall continues to face preservation issues since 1950s. The need for its re-habilitation was realized sometime back and plans were developed. In recent past the Sindh Exploration and Adventure Society and Karachi Municipal Corporation have started paying closer attention to i


mukhi house conservation and restoration






baloch graveyard conservation




central record office governor house stone entrace

The Public Record Office Act was passed in 1838 to ‘keep safely the public records. It placed records of existing and ancient courts of law and their offices in a non-ministerial department under the Keepership of the Master of the Rolls. The Public Record Office was Organized in a number of branches with headquarters at Rolls House on the Rolls Estate in Chancery Lane, central London.


 historic sites Documentation FOR   PRESERVING PHYSICAL HERITAGE

bhawani serai graveyard



ashiq lallan house

This beautiful architectural edifice according to its owners dates back to approximately 200 years. It lies on Ali Akbar lane, which is perpendicular to Rampart Road, adjacent to a mosque. As the name suggests, this purely residential building is owned by Ashiqali S Lalan, and was inhabited by his children. 

hyderabad old house




  archeological Sites excavation


Pak-italian & french joint archaeological mission at banbhore

The interest in the site of banbhore goes back to several decades in the year 1990, an exploratory project named in QUEST OF DEBAL was lauched by SEAS; it was designed to have physical survey of the western extremities of lower indues delta.


 Capacity buliding &   traning programes for the youth


Stone carving & conservation training program 

Seas held many training program on various sites like 

1)Varun Dev Temple

2)Nusserwanji Buliding

3)Baloch Tombs

pottery craft training program

Two long term training programs were successfully run for the Department of Antiquities’ training program. Talented youngmen and women were trained in different aspects of Ceramic Arts and Craft.



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