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Centre for Archaeological and Environmental Research

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The Centre for Archaeological and Environmental Research is multidisciplinary research institution, focusing on analytical studies of art and archaeological material, improving existing, and developing new conservation methods, for different mediums and objects. it is emphasizing the need of documentation of material culture and developing international liaison in related activities.

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The Centre supports an extensive research activity, through its sister organizations, those working at District level involve its members as well as invite intelligentia to participate in contributing to the research on assigned areas. The collected papers are published normally through these organizations.

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Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari

Initiated his career as Civil Servant he went on to acquire advanced academic knowledge, as is reflected by his Post Doctoral Research, as DAAD Fellow, at Museum Fur Islamische Kunst, Berlin. He did His Post Doctoral Fellowship, under Fulbright program, in the Department of Anthropology at University of Wisconsin, Madison. He realized that the heritage of the country is facing diverse technical issues, it is highly threatened and requires immediate measures. With an eminent shortage of trained professionals, solutions are not easy to come by. 

Dr. Asma Ibrahim

Post Doctorate Fellowship from Wisconsin University, Madison, Doctorate in Numismatics Served in the Department of Archaeology & Museums from 1990 till 2006 as Curator, Director, Assistant Director, Assistant Curator (National Museum of Pakistan), Sub Editor, and Editor in the Tribune Daily, Travelogue Monthly Magazine. 

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237-C, Sector 31/F, Near Beacon House School,
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Phone: (+92-21) 35071346