bhawani serai graveyard

The Seas team visited the Bhawani Graveyard in May 2021 for preservation and maintenance of Archaeological Sites of Balochistan. The team conducted a drone survey, orthomosaic, DSM, contours plan, feature drawing, and proposals for preservation of the site. The drone survey provided a detailed and accurate map of the graveyard, which will be invaluable in planning and carrying out preservation work. The orthomosaic is a high-resolution image of the graveyard that has been corrected for geometric distortions, which will be useful for identifying and assessing any damage to the site. The DSM (digital surface model) is a three-dimensional representation of the graveyard, which will be useful for understanding the topography of the site and identifying any areas that are at risk of erosion or flooding. The contours plan shows the elevation of the graveyard at different points, which information will be useful for planning drainage and other infrastructure projects. The feature drawing is a detailed drawing of the graveyard’s tombs and other structures, which will be invaluable for documenting the site and planning any restoration work. The proposals for preservation are a valuable tool for the Seas team as they work to preserve and maintain the Bhawani Graveyard. The proposals will outline the specific steps that need to be taken to protect the site from deterioration and damage.



ashiq lallan house 

This beautiful architectural edifice according to its owners dates back to approximately 200 years. It lies on Ali Akbar lane, which is perpendicular to Rampart Road, adjacent to a mosque. As the name suggests, this purely residential building is owned by Ashiqali S Lalan, and was inhabited by his children. This G+2 building immediately holds the observer’s eye from its main access at the street end. It is a beautiful blend of yellow stone with wooden Jefferies on the main façade. Ali Akbar lane, being a residential lane, is extremely narrow and widens towards its extreme end. There is obvious religious dominance in the area with two mazaars and a mosque in the immediate vicinity of the building. One of the mazaars is directly adjacent to it.Lalan house is situated near where Muhammad Ali Jinnah was born. Where all the elders of the family and the lalan family lived nearby with close ties to one another and with extensive interaction, this can be seen when Muhammad Ali Jinnah was leaving for England his family borrowed money from the Lalan’s.  The historical importance can further be seen by, when he came to Karachi he was entertained in lalan house multiple times. So this makes lalan house a part of Pakistan’s national history. Lalan house neighborhood and this particular family were active practitioners of Shia rights. Now after this house is going to be saved will have the ground floor become the small-scale museum to show window to asna ashri twelwers. The architectural layout is reflective of historic houses of Thatta of late mid evil period. It is known to be the last of its kind. The material used is totally indigenous and traditional wood frame and mud has been used.


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