About SEAS Pakistan

Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari

Initiated his career as Civil Servant he went on to acquire advanced academic knowledge, as is reflected by his Post Doctoral Research, as DAAD Fellow, at Museum Fur Islamische Kunst, Berlin. He did His Post Doctoral Fellowship, under Fulbright program, in the Department of Anthropology at University of Wisconsin, Madison. He realized that the heritage of the country is facing diverse technical issues, it is highly threatened and requires immediate measures. With an eminent shortage of trained professionals, solutions are not easy to come by. 

He developed training programs, and tried to formalize the Heritage Studies, pending the process of acceptance in the academic boards, he had organized courses in various technologies at the Centre for Archaeological & Environmental                   
                        Research. Dr. Lashari has been contributing towards broadening the horizon for safeguarding the national heritage, raising the understanding of the Issues and Challenges that are faced. He has devoted towards developing Institutional support to work out the solutions. He has caused productive Institutions, specialized Museums, Dedicated Funds and Foundations to come in to being. This is the reason that he is known as Institutions builder. Scholar of Medieval Archaeology he combines his skills in creating new ways of investigations, bringing back a wealth of information. His work on Stone Carved Graves broke the ice and provided the background to the cultural milieu that caused this unique funerary architecture to come in to existence. To his credit also goes wide scale explorations those helped him to develop an insight in the development of material culture in the country.

Published widely he has attended forums globally and discussed the rare aspects of Sindh's Heritage. Besides his scientific studies his short stories, written in Sindhi, dealing with the atmosphere of suppression, in social as well as in political life of the country, have been translated in to more than one language

Dr. Asma Ibrahim

Post Doctorate Fellowship from Wisconsin University, Madison, Doctorate in Numismatics Served in the Department of Archaeology & Museums from 1990 till 2006 as Curator, Director, Assistant Director, Assistant Curator (National Museum of Pakistan), Sub Editor, and Editor in the Tribune Daily, Travelogue Monthly Magazine.

From 2006 till to date working as Director, State Bank of Pakistan Museum & Art Gallery Department, under which established the first monetary museum of Pakistan. Recent projects are consultancy for Sindh Police Museum, Oxford University Press Museum, Mukhi House Museum (historic house being converted                 
                        into museum of recent past), Sukkur Archaeological Museum, N.A.Baluch personality Museum, wildlife museum, Museum of Recent Past and several others.

Carried out several excavations in Baluchistan and Sindh, and Indus delta area, discovered an underwater city in Indus delta, as Co Director and Director, Head of the Pakistani Mission, with the foreign missions of France, Italy & Germany.

Collaborative work done for many documentaries with international channels such as BBC, ZDF, CNN, Discovery, HBO, my work on Persian Mummy was documented by BBC, Horizon," Mystery of the Persian Mummy", & about Indus valley civilization for BBC education channel-4.

As founding member established a Centre for Archaeological & Environmental Research. For the revival of dying arts and crafts established a foundation with the name of "Terracotta, a project under Zohra Ibrahim foundation" with her own personal funding.