About SEAS Pakistan

The Centre for Archaeological and Environmental Research is multidisciplinary research institution, focusing on analytical studies of art and archaeological material, improving existing, and developing new conservation methods, for different mediums and objects. it is emphasizing the need of documentation of material culture and developing international liaison in related activities.

Through its collaborative activities the Center aims at developing wider base for assistance, to the similar public sector or privately owned institutions and organizations in related fields.   

The is meant to help in fulfilling some of the pressing needs in management of our rich but often neglected cultural heritage, through its programs in research, conservations, trainings, seminars, exhibitions and publications.

The Centre for Archaeological and Environmental Research is supported mainly by SEAS, a volunteer citizen organization, which is working since 1989, aiming at and with a moto of 'preserve heritage', a much applauded slogan, but very complicated when it comes to practice. As is known to every one, conservation is technical activity involving huge expenditures.

The Center is committed to preservation of physical heritage, and long term care of collections. It is nucleus, which takes care to promote co-operation among the practitioners in the diverse fields, such as building material, environmental studies, deterioration, conservation techniques, salvage practices, forensic methods in architecture and archaeology etc.

In furtherance of its objectives the Centre organizes extensive program of trainings independently and in collaboration with other institutions, in the field of archaeological exploration & excavations, conservation of architectural heritage, paper treatment, reprographical means, display and curatorial responsibilities, archives management etc. etc.

The Centre supports an extensive research activity, through its sister organizations, these working at District level involve its members as well as invite intelligentia to participate in contributing to the research on assigned areas. The collected papers are published normally through these organizations.

The Archaeological Review is a regular publication, reporting generally the activities of the members of SEAS, working of the Centre and Archaeological projects related to the region.